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Listen Carefully

I Like People, Really

Excerpts of Frank Maffei, the
last member of Danny and The Juniors,
and Chris Biehler (Forevermore Records) UNANNOUNCED visit.
Next time I'll leave the door locked!

Charlie Carter & Son Visit 05/11/2022

For anyone thinking of visiting
the store, here's Kev Roberts,
Northern Soul Expert &
concert arranger

Frankie Fox, Bass of Vito &
The Salutations,
talking about the making of
"Unchained Melody"

Mike Rascio, Dom D'Elia,
and Charlie Larocco -
Valley Stream 2017-03-21

The Padre Visits

Merchants Square Mall
An educational look into the importance of tubes
when playing your records.
....Take Notes.....

WMMR "You Oughta Know"
March 25, 2022

Interview By Brendan Castner (2019)

Lunch with Val at R&B Records.
An interview filmed by Jon Cornell
and Produced by Ben Vaughn

Excerpt from the documentary
Vinyl Revisited

A recent interview of Val by
Joe Winscom, featuring
R&B Records' best-selling record

R&B Records

Val with Michael Neysmith

Ask Avie.....
Saturday Afternoon
at R&B Records.
A Recent Video

R&B Records on
ABC News Program

Val speaking at Richard Barrett's Funeral. Philadelphia-born
R&B record producer.

Pastor Gibbs Peterson baptizes Val
at Potter's House Christian Church.

Donna Fargo Video

Excerpts of Val roasting
Dick Clark at The Franklin Inn Club,
Philadelphia - 2019


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